PTSD TREATMENT ONLINE for veterans, sexual assault and domestic violence victims. Painful memories and anxiety fade and often disappear. Relief is lasting...not just temporary. Affordable. Confidential. No personal registration. Easy to use program on your home computer.


The EMMP™ (Eye Movement Memory Processing) program on™ has helped people with PTSD reduce, and in some cases eliminate, painful memories, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, insomnia and excessive drinking or drug use. Relief is lasting.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran with PTSD

"It was surprising the amount of immediate relief available through the treatments. It helped me calm down and relax."

OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD and TBI

"A 15 minute online session...what did I have to lose? After I completed the session I felt calmer and more relaxed. The same thing happened after my second session. I recalled the same trauma both times and I'm still calmer about that trauma 5 months later."

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Domestic violence victim

"For 2 years I’ve been struggling with extreme anger and rage over an incident that occurred many years ago. It’s been a huge disruption to my life.

After 2 sessions, I have found relief of the anger! By the end of the first session I felt a sense of calm, even while thinking about the incident, that I haven’t felt in years."

Sexual assault victim

My anger has dissipated! In thinking about the incident, I can recall it clearly and understand all its implications, but somehow the anger and rage simply aren’t present. Again, it’s hard to’s like being released from prison! You’re life savers!"

OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD

"I followed the directions and picked something that happened in Iraq that really gets to me. I couldn't believe it actually helped. It ended with me feeling less angry then normal about what happened and that is still the case weeks later."

  • Most users begin to feel relief in a few sessions
  • Program users can experience lasting results
  • Reduced hyper-arousal and less anxiety
  • Painful memories and flashbacks fade
  • Depression lessens; users feel more positive provides long-lasting treatment for PTSD. It can be used alone, or in combination with other therapies. Several small studies have validated the technique. The program is intended for those who can’t find or afford, effective, confidential treatment at a low cost.

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