The anonymous online EMMP* program reduces symptoms of PTSD from Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Most users begin to feel less anxious and calmer after 1-3 sessions. Traumatic memories fade. Results are lasting.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence can cause severe anxiety and stress as well as flashbacks and depression. The research tested, EMMP* online eye movement memory processing program, similar to EMDR, helps most victims begin to feel less anxious and calmer in a few sessions.

This online PTSD program, EMMP* (Eye Movement Memory Processing), can reduce painful traumatic memories from sexual assault and domestic violence including flashbacks, anxiety and depression. Most users begin to feel relief in 1-3 sessions. Results are lasting. It is the first self-directed online program for PTSD. A single session is approximately 15 minutes. There is no registration. The EMMP program has also helped veterans and soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2009.

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  • Women are more than twice as likely to get PTSD as men.
  • 1 in 5 women has been the victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetime
PTSD Occurrences

University research on test subjects diagnosed with PTSD showed 61% fewer traumatic stress symptoms caused by painful memories after program use. Six-month followup showed continuing relief and further reduction of symptoms.

  • Abused children. 50%.
  • Battered women. 45%.
  • Raped adults. 36%.
  • Military veterans. 30%.
  • Firefighters. 15%.
  • Suburban police. 13% **

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