Effective online treatment for PTSD and Traumatic Stress.

Painful memories fade and don't come back. Anxiety and depression are reduced.
12-month follow up shows lasting relief. Self-administered. Online since 2006.


Since 2006, EMMP* (Eye Movement Memory Processing) has helped people with PTSD reduce traumatic stress including painful memories, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, insomnia and excessive drinking or drug use.

Most users begin to feel relief in 1-3 sessions. Relief lasts. A single session lasts approximately 15 minutes and costs $10 or less per session. There is no registration. No personal information is ever required.

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University research on test subjects diagnosed with PTSD showed 61% fewer traumatic stress symptoms caused by painful memories after program use. Six-month follow-up showed continuing relief and further reduction of symptoms.

  • Most users feel relief in 1-3 sessions
  • Program users can experience lasting results
  • Reduced hyper-arousal and less anxiety
  • Painful memories and flashbacks fade
  • Depression lessens; more positive attitude
  • Increased socialization with family and friends
  • Pre-publication beta test: 1000+users*

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