Users of this secure home computer program for PTSD symptoms and traumatic stress are calmer, more relaxed and have fewer traumatic memories. Relief lasts. All sessions are free.

No registration is required. The user remains anonymous. U. of Cincinnati research showed 61% less stress in veterans after program use. Most users begin to experience relief in 1-3 sessions.

How this confidential computer program provides lasting relief for traumatic memories and PTSD.

This free program has been used by men and women with PTSD and traumatic stress from painful memories who can't find or afford effective private treatment or can't get satisfactory help from the VA. We wanted to provide lasting relief that was anonymous, convenient and effective.

The program starts with audio instructions followed by side-to-side moving horizontal light "buttons" on your computer screen that you follow while focusing on a traumatic memory.

The combination of focusing on the memory while simultaneously following the light buttons on screen provides a more comfortable and effective method of processing it. The program is based on research showing the mind is more receptive to processing a painful memory when focusing on it and simultaneously performing the side-to-side eye movements.

It's important to focus on one memory per session. It works quickly; painful memories begin to fade and for many, disappear almost completely. This may take additional sessions depending on the person and the memory. Results are lasting.

The advantage of computer therapy is there is no therapist present which, for various reasons, may inhibit you from talking about your traumatic memories. It's difficult to talk about painful experiences to almost anyone including therapists. The computer program lets you work through them at your own pace with complete confidentiality.

All sessions are free and are limited to once per calendar day. There is no limit to your number of sessions or days used.
Do You Have PTSD or PSTD Symptoms?

  • Nightmares, flashbacks, memories of painful events
  • Feeling numb and disconnected
  • Becoming depressed, anxious, irritated, and panicky
  • Having difficulty sleeping and focusing on one thing
  • Difficulty relating to family and friends
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Thoughts of suicide
"I finally feel safe"

"After 30 years of being haunted by the memory of being held up at gun point, I finally feel safe again."
(Sue M., Texas)

"Calmer and more relaxed"
I was surprised to find out after I completed the session I felt calmer and more relaxed. The same thing happened after my second session. I recalled the same trauma both times and I'm still calmer about that trauma. Progress is a good thing."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD and TBI)

"A big deal"
"It ended with me feeling less pissed then normal about what happened and that is still the case weeks later. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 100% disabled)

"Immediate relief"
It was surprising the amount of immediate relief available through the exercises. I was impressed with the assistance it offered in helping me to calm down and relax." (OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 80% disabled.)

Reduced PTSD symptoms after treatment

  • Reduced anxiety from PTSD and traumatic stress. Painful memories fade.
  • Fewer feelings of being "on edge"
  • Increased feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Reduced depression - mood improves
  • Reduced feeling of isolation and lonliness
  • Greater concentration and focus

"What did I have to lose?"
"My anxiety was sky high and drugs made me dopey. For $10, what did I have to lose? I was calmer after the first session and after a few more, I felt pretty much like a normal guy. It's stayed that way."
(OEF Combat Veteran with PTSD)

"No more memories about the fight."
"10 years after a firefight in the desert, I used the program and finally stopped having flashbacks and was sleeping better."
(OEF Combat veteran with PTSD)

"I was able to let go and move on."
"There are several events from my past that continued to cause me pain and distress. I couldn’t seem to let the past go, and what it was doing to me wasn’t pretty. After two sessions on your site, I was able to let go and move on."
(David F., Minnesota)